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FAD Capacity:

  • Range: 1.20 m³ / min to 5.00 m³ / min
  • Pressure:1.0 Kg / cm²g to 9.00 Kg / cm²g


  • Skid Mounted, Self Contained Package
  • Designed for 100% Oil Free Applications
  • With Water Cooled and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


  • Air Receiver: Capable of handling high pressure air; tested leak proof design conforming to IS 2825. Available in both carbon steel and stainless steel versions.
  • Air Dryer: Option for both Heatless and Refrigerated type dryer. These dryers are engineered to be highly efficient while incurring low running cost.

Non Return Valve

Highly efficient Plate Type NRV to avoid back pressure of air which is installed between the aftercooler and air receiver.

Aftercooler With Moisture Separater

Shell and Tube, Fixed tube bundle type horizontal aftercooler is provided with the machine that provides compressed air near to atmospheric temperature at delivery. Custom engineered coolers available as per client requirement.

Modular Design

The machines can be engineered as Gas Compressor, for gas applications or Vacuum Pumps. For further details of such customized solutions, please contact our Sales Representative.

  • All packaged versions include compressor, motor, aftercooler, control panel suitably mounted on deck. Air Dryer and Receiver are optional supplies.
  • Self contained packaged versions include, in addition to above, a close circuit water cooling system thus eliminating the need for an external water supply.

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