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Horizontal Compressors

KPCL Reciprocating, Horizontal Balanced Opposed, Piston Compressors is the result of extensive engineering expertise and experience of over five decades in design, manufacturing, supply and installation of air & gas compressors of various designs, capacities and pressures for a wide range of applications.

These units cover a wide capacity range from 3 m³ / min to 176 m³ / min & pressure range from 1 Kg / cm²g to 400 Kg / cm²g. Compressors up to 6 stage with pressure range up to 400 Kg/cm2g, on a turnkey basis – from techno-commercial consultancy to commissioning on site. Sporting a modular design, these compressors conform to the latest versions of compressors standards, as per the requirement of the application. Till date, we have supplied more than 10,000 compressors designed in-house.

In 1999, we added the Crepple design compressors (Reciprocating, Balance opposed Piston, water cooled Compressors) to our portfolio.

The BOP compressors have minimum power consumption, lower operating temperature & maximum efficiency thus achieving overall economy.


  • Automatic loading and unloading facility.
  • Force Feed Lubrication System to ensure smooth lubrication of all moving parts.
  • Automatic, well placed cushioned valves, transparent covers and ample space, ensuring ease of inspection and maintenance.
  • Minimum foundation, low wear & tear of moving parts. No horizontal or vertical imbalanced forces ensuring vibration free operation.
  • Common parts for different models offer flexibility of opting for one or more models, without increasing spares inventory.
  • Operational Economy.

Types of Gases handled

KPCL manufactured and supplied reciprocating compressors and booster compressors handling variety of gases like: Bone dry Nitrogen, wet Carbon dioxide, Recycled gas, Natural gas, Mixture of gases (CO2, N2 and H2), Vinyl Chloride monomer gas, Biogas, LPG, Argon, Crude gas, Sour gas, Dry cracked ammonia, and a host of other industrial gases.


  • Instrument Air:

    Light & Heavy Engg, Chemical & Petro-chemical, Food Industry, Paper & Pulp, Fertilizer, Sugar, Textile, Iron & Steel, Cement, Copper & Zinc, Power Plants, Oil & gas, Pharmaceuticals, Refinery etc.

  • Service Air:

    Mining, Construction and Civil Engineering, Light & Heavy Engineering, Chemical & Petro Chemical, Paper & Pulp, Shipyard & Port Trusts. Rubber, Glass, Textile, Iron & Steel, Automobile, Cement, Power Plants, Defence, Railways etc.

  • Process Air:

    Chemical & Petro-chemical, Breweries, Mines, Paper & Pulp, Fertilizer, Sugar, Refinery, Oil & Gas, etc.

We are a highly recognized organization of the industry involved in providing a broad assortment of best quality of Air Compressors i.e. Screw Compressors and Reciprocating Compressors, Air Filter, Air Dryers, Compressor Spare Parts and many more.